Saturday, October 13, 2012

Fourth Grade Year Long Plan- ALL Subject Areas!

I just thought I would share this scope & sequence/ year-long plan.  For anyone teaching in Oregon, this plan covers all of your standards for math, social studies, science, reading, & writing for the year.  It will change a bit next year as we transition to the CCSS.  This is all you need for Oregon, but I'm hoping that bits and pieces of it will be helpful for those teaching in other states & countries too.  Let me know if you have questions or want clarification on things, as this is just the basic guidelines that we developed at our school for the 4 fourth grade classrooms.

4th Grade Year Long Plan

            Science & Social Studies
September      Oregon Government/ Oregon Natives
October          Oregon Natives/ Immigrants / Pumpkin work sample
November      Immigrants/ Modern Oregon
December       Modern Oregon
January          Mapping
February        Energy/ Matter/ Changes
March             Daffodils/ Seed work sample
April               Temperate Rainforest
May                Inventions work sample
June                Inventions work sample (boat with buddies?)

September      Place Value & Math Workshop Intro
October          Multiplication
November      Division
December       Math work sample
January          Geometry-Area
March             Fractions & Decimals
May                Review

September      Begin Dictado, Writer’s Workshop, Word Work, Personal Narratives
October          Scary Story/ Pseudo Test 1
November      Intervention Groups 1 & 2
December       Expository
January          Persuasive
February        Pseudo Test 2  & Interventions
March             Interventions/ Poetry
April               District Writing Test/ Poetry
May                Collaborative/ Imaginative

September      CAFÉ/ Daily 5 / Parts of Speech
October          Predicting/ Connections/ Summarize-Story Elements
November      Theme
December       Conflict-Resolution
January          Non-Fiction Locate & Interpret Info/ Main Idea/ Summarize
February        Inferences-Confirmation/ Cause & Effect/ Fact & Opinion
March             Generate Questions/ Interpret Text & Support
April               Poetry- Onomatopoeia, vocabulary, structural elements
May                Main idea/ Compare & Contrast themes/ Connection between forms of lit

And now, for your viewing pleasure, a picture of our class pet, Chubbs!  This is her, "I am not amused" look.

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