Saturday, October 6, 2012

Classroom Jobs

Want to build the kind of responsibility that sticks with kids for the rest of their lives?  Do you want kids to learn hard lessons the easy way?  Could you use a few less hours of work around your classroom each week so you can get other important things done to provide the highest quality education possible for your students?  Then CLASS JOBS ARE FOR YOU!

You can find my complete class jobs starter set at for only $2, but I'm going to give you a sneak peak here! In my Class Job Starter Pack, you will find a complete list of jobs that are adaptable to your own classroom, a student-friendly job description of each job, further details about each job for the teacher to consider, and a job application that students complete.  There is also a class job list that you can print and laminate, and then use on the wall to write the name of each student next to the job they have.  The complete set will explain pretty much everything to a teacher who wants to hand some responsibility over to her students to make the classroom run like a well-oiled machine!

Sample Job Explanations for the Teacher
Librarian 1- These students make sure all of the books in our classroom library are organized, facing the correct way and on the right shelf.  They also bring to my attention any broken or ill-used books, and check our library check-out list to make sure people are returning our classroom library books from home.
Lights-Turn the lights on and off.
Doorperson- This person holds the door open for our classroom and shuts the doors when things get noisy in the hallway.
Mail Carrier 1 These two students pass out all the papers/bulletins/graded homework/etc to each student’s little mailbox, which are emptied by the students at the end of each day.

Student-Friendly Job Descriptions-
Pencil Sharpener- Sharpen the class pencils so there is always a good supply of sharp pencils and we don’t waste our learning time sharpening them!
Office Runner- Bring things down to the office when the teacher needs you to do so.
Line Caboose- This student stands at the end of our line as we’re walking though the hallways and waits with someone if they have to step out of line to tie their shoe or return to the classroom for a forgotten item.
Ready to print job applications, the complete job list ready to post with your students’ names, and complete explanations are included in this set.  Of course, with your purchase, you get to pick my brain and I can help you adapt it to your classroom too! Also, when you buy things from my TeachersPayTeachers store, a teacher’s request on will be a little closer to being funded, and great new supplies will soon be in the hands of our youth.  Your purchase will also help provide food, clothing, shelter, medicine, or the start to a new small business for the world’s most impoverished people through Food for the Poor.  (I give 20% of my profits to charity).  I greatly appreciate your support.

A teacher’s job is hard enough as it is without worrying about the dozens of small things that need to be taken care of every day in the classroom.  Leave time for more important things in your schedule while helping your students build responsibility- try class jobs today! Have you tried class jobs in your room?  What positions do you have available to your students?  Which student job has alleviated the most work from your schedule so that you're free to help your students with more important things?  What difficulties are you still having with class jobs? Leave a comment below.

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