Saturday, October 13, 2012

Contraction Mansion!

Our dictado for the last two weeks has been focusing on contractions, and I wanted to do something fun and craftsy with my students.  I had seen a similar project on Pinterest, but of course I adapted it so that I wouldn't have to print anything and that it would be slightly more educational and still fit within the time frame of an hour.  I have the complete instructions for the teacher, examples of each step, step-by-step student instructions, and the fun bulletin board we made from it on my site  This is just a sneak peak for my blog friends to share a fun idea!

 Some students did a scary, haunted Contraction Mansion, while others did a pleasant autumn-themed mansion.  I have a number of students who don't celebrate Halloween, so I always leave it open for the students to decide what they'd like to do.  Above is a picture of the completed bulletin board, and here's a little more detail of a finished product:

What fun, fall-themed activities are you doing in your class?  Are you doing anything special for Halloween in your room?  Leave a comment, repin, share on facebook, etc so others can create creepy contraction mansions as they practice their spelling skills too.  Happy Autumn!

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