Monday, April 1, 2013

Celebrating Bilingual Literacy!

Every year, our school has a "Celebration of Students" night where families are invited into the school to see their students' art work and written work displayed on the walls.  We have an artist come in to lead a craft/art project, and give out free popcorn as well as having an "Open Mic" for presentations of music, poetry, etc.  Another aspect of our art-filled evening that we added last year is a bilingual section to specifically highlight the biliteracy that many of our students have worked hard to develop.  We had Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, and Dutch pieces featured last year.

Here is a story written in English and Russian.  Below is a report written in English and Dutch.

 A poem in English and Spanish is shown below.

This bulletin board was also given a special location near the principal's office at the front of the school.  It's just one of the many ways that we celebrate and show the value of knowing multiple languages at our school.  I organized it by simply asking each classroom teacher to invite their bilingual students to submit a piece of work for the special acknowledgment, and then just added the bilingual border.  How does your school celebrate biliteracy and bilingualism?  What do you do in your own classroom to encourage this advancement in literacy?  Leave a comment, share, and check back for more soon!

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