Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Wonderful Word Work Choices!

Part of our daily literacy block is Word Work.  I pull a lot of intervention/TAG/Challenge groups at this time, so students need to be working completely independently and quietly.  These are the options that I have for my students to practice their words (they start with the week's spelling words, and then have the choice to do words from their vocab cards or word lists from our unit of study).  If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments section, or drop me your email and I'll send you the Word document that has these ready to print along with the teacher copy!  If you have a fun word work idea that is not listed here, please let me know so I can add it!


*Vocab Ring- Find a challenging vocabulary from your reading & write it and the word’s definition on one side of a note card.  On the other side, use the word in a sentence, and draw a picture that symbolizes its meaning. Note cards are hole-punched and collected on a metal ring.

*Wipe boards- Carefully write each word on a wipe board and then on your word work page.

*Stamps/Beans/Wikki Stix/Pipe Cleaners/Scrabble Letters/Alphabet Blocks- Use these or other small manipulatives to spell each word and find patterns between them.  Write the patterns you notice on your word work page.

*Write a synonym & antonym for each word.

*Body Spelling is something we do in class.  For tall letters, like t, h, and l, raise your hands, letters that go below the line, like p, y, and q, bend over, and stretch your arms out to the side for the rest of the letters.  After you body spell the word, record it on your word work page.

*Stencils-Use stencils to write out each word.

*Rainbow-Use three different colors, and write the word three times, overlapping the colors.

*Alphabetize the words.

*Ladder Words- Write the word horizontally, then write it vertically from the same starting word.  (This works best on graph paper!)

*Circle the vowels & underline the consonants in each word.

*Make flashcards with the correctly spelled word on one side and a picture about that word on the other.  Practice with these by first holding up the word side and repeatIing the word aloud, followed by how to spell the word (“Dog. D-O-G. Dog.”).  Then flip the card over to remind yourself of the picture you drew that symbolizes that word for them.  Then practice the words by looking at the picture side and whispering how to spell the word it represents. 

*Beat/Clap the syllables- Write each word, clap the syllables, then draw vertical lines through the word to show where the syllables start and end.

*Make the words with play-doh or cut them out of paper

*Read the words aloud, letter by letter, for one of your words.  Then write the word down.

*Write each word 10 times as you whisper it aloud.

*Stair Step- write the first letter of the word on the first line, the first two letters of the word on the next line, and so on until the word is spelled completely.

*Look up each word in a dictionary and thesaurus.  Write the definition below the word on your word work page.

*Use each word in a sentence, or make up a story with all the words in it.

*Sort the words, by length, sounds, vowels, or any other attribute.

*Four Square- divide a piece of paper into four sections.  Choose four of the words and write one of the words at the top of each box.  Write a detailed sentence using that word and draw a picture to illustrate your sentence.

*Type It- Carefully select a computer keyboard.  Type a word on the keyboard, and then write it on your paper.


  1. What word work/vocab program do you use? I am using Words Their Way in my classroom. I teach in a self contained Autism room at a Junior High level and am always looking for ways to make word work engaging for my students.I would love if you could share your copies with me.

    Thank you for sharing!! All of your ideas are so great and would fit my students needs!


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